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We Have Arrived! the Houston Museum of Natural Science

It is with greatest pride and pleasure that we've welcomed the incredible Houston Museum of Natural Science to the HD2 family!

Over the last year, HMNS has invested significantly in upgrading technology. New projectors in the beautiful Burke Baker Planetarium, and new upgrades to the Weiss Energy Hall (opening Fall 2017) have introduced the beginning of an exciting technological renaissance, if you will. HD2 has recently contributed to these awesome enhancements by providing the new eye-popping digital screens that give the HMNS entrance new life.

The Displays

Sixty-three 55" high-definition video wall displays cover over 100 feet of space. Bright colors, exciting images and videos, an incredibly attractive display setup...h e l l o, WOW FACTOR!

This is the kind of visual upgrade that gets people interested in sharing their experiences with friends and family; it’s the kind of thing that has visitors pulling their phones out, taking pictures and sharing things on social media, and that's exactly what every business wants.

This new addition has not only done wonders to the aesthetics of the lobby, but it is also providing HMNS the covetable opportunity to advertise several exhibits at once, up-selling and cross-selling to thousands of visitors everyday.

Going to the box office no longer means – or looks like - what it used to. You can now buy a ticket to an exhibit while watching a preview of it, and other exhibits, at the ticket counter. Like what you see? Get tickets to more exhibits right there! Customers now have more entertainment options to chose from without the risk factor of not knowing what they're getting when they purchase their ticket. And the museum now has more opportunity to increase profits.

Did you know HMNS has a George Observatory in Sugar Land, TX? Not everyone does. But with their new displays, HMNS can now create more exposure for their satellite location. Information + Exposure + Entertainment = Profitability! All thanks to the new video wall.

Our Experience

First of all, we've got to say how incredible HMNS is to work with! Notably flexible, very accommodating and exceptionally nice, they have been one of our very best clients! The fact that we had to get everything up and running within 30 days meant we were going to need to work very closely with the museum, taking visitors and working hours into account. All ticket booths were relocated for a month, the existing signage was removed, the entire area was blocked off and we fabricated a sizable structure to hold the new video wall displays. The actual installation took 9 days, but after dealing with torrential downpours, flooding, road closures and wacky schedules, everything went off without a hitch as planned.

Check out the installation here.

We are thrilled to be working on more exciting projects with HMNS (we'll tell you about those later!), a museum that sets the bar for other museums, and has the technology every museum should have. Our displays are no longer just novelty items, they are a necessary part of a smoothly operating business.

Official press release coming out soon. We'll share it on the blog so you get the full scoop!

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