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The airline industry used to consider Digital Signage a bonus element not necessarily crucial to the functionality of airports, but today it has become essential for airports around the world.

Auto Dealerships

What makes a luxury car showroom stand out? What is it about the showroom that gives it that “WOW” factor?


This answer is: Everything.


The colors, style, designs, lighting and layout are just some key components of a great showroom, but another element that really changes the look in a drastic way is Digital Signage.


Digital Signage is growing ever more important as the banking industry becomes increasingly competitive. Effective communication is crucial in an industry that is constantly offering new services and incentives. 

Convention Centers

Here at HD2, we understand the importance of effectively communicating to guests. Convention Centers are usually sizeable facilities with a significant amount of visitors, and having Digital Signage is the perfect way to greet those visitors...


We are always finding new and exciting ways to incorporate Digital Signage into the corporate world as more and more businesses realize the impact it has on communication in the workplace. 


What with the ever-growing technology industry making its mark in the education system, it’s no surprise that more and more educational facilities are implementing Digital Signage.


HD2 is a leader in Digital Signage solutions for the government, with options that range from Digital Signage for single building lobbies to entire government properties. 


Digital Signage in the healthcare industry is used for everything from promoting upcoming events and displaying health-related messages to providing building directories, marketing hospital specialties, and everything in between. 


HD2 is the leader in Digital Signage solutions for high profile hotels. Here at HD2, we proudly provide our customers with the most powerful tool used to communicate information to your guests: Digital Signage. 

Houses of Worship

Digital Displays make for exceptionally sleek and visually appealing signage, but it's not just the aesthetics that make HD2’s Digital Signage perfect for Houses of Worship. 

Office Buildings

Digital Signage is a quick and easy way to improve the aesthetics of your office building, which is important for appealing to tenants in commercial properties. 


HD2’s Digital Menu Boards are a sleek, modern addition to any restaurant or café. By switching from static menu boards to Digital Signage you will save time, money, and manpower. 

Retail / Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are retail centers are beginning to lead the way in Digital Signage for their industry as the public becomes more accustomed to Digital Displays and Interactive Technology. 


Few places house more excitement and commotion than stadiums. Digital Signage is the perfect way to enhance every fan’s experience by providing way-finding features, relevant advertisements and promotions, and emergency message applications. 

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