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Digital Marketing in Healthcare

The term "healthcare" typically elicits thoughts of doctors, illness, medication, patients and the like. Not too often does Digital Signage come to mind, however, that will soon change.

As hospitals expand and staff and patient numbers rise, the importance of healthcare wayfinding assistance becomes increasingly clear, as does the need for simple and immediate communication channels. That’s where Digital Signage comes in.

Digital Signage that serves its purpose will successfully keep patients, visitors, doctors and staff engaged and informed about hospital procedures, emergency announcements, and policy changes. Displays stationed in lobbies and waiting rooms not only add an element of sophistication and modernity, but also provide hospitals with easy access to the eyes and ears of passersby.

Way-finding displays and touch-screen kiosks are being used to enhance the patient and visitor experience, and facilitate visitor and staff interactions. Digital way-finding is perfect for eliminating confusion in the hallways and saving time by providing visitors with clear, concise directions. Cost reduction is an added bonus as printing expenses and replacement costs due to wear-and-tear are not needed for digital signage.

As we move forward into an increasingly technological world, digital signage will become increasingly ubiquitous and useful in healthcare, including Operation Room needs, which we are very excited to get involved with.

Click here to check out our article in the latest issue of HealthLine Magazine to learn more!

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