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Frequently Asked Questions - Why Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is the best way to reach consumers directly at point-of-purchase or point-of-decision; TV, Radio and Print solutions are not as effective as time and distance create a sizeable gap between the ads and the advertised product. Digital Signage communicates with shoppers who are ready to buy and allows stores to collect in-store demographic data for the delivery of more accurate dayparting, cost per month calculations, and other measurements.
Digital Signage content can be customized depending on regional or local interests, demographics and buying patterns. Digital Signage audiences are ready to act, while all other media audiences are passive potential consumers. Ads are easier to recall and retention in Digital Signage is far better than in any traditional advertising media. Advertising expenses are easier to account for, as they can be tracked directly to sales uplift. 


What is digital signage?

​Digital signage consists of electronic dynamic displays used to communicate and disseminate information to an audience of one or more. The displays come in various sizes, and are easy to manage and edit. Digital signage gives you the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of traditional advertising while crossing technological boundaries by using video, animation and design elements to create digital imagery that brings your imagination to life. Imagine the possibilities.


Can my business or company benefit from digital signage?

​Are you a business? Do you have message you want to get across to potential customers? Do you want to reach a captive audience using an effective and efficient method that will allow your company to up-sell and cross-sell your product or service? Then yes, digital signage can benefit you.  HD2 makes the transition into the new medium effortless and inexpensive. Best of all, with HD2 you can run your signage on any web-powered device including web, mobile and portable devices.


Where can digital signage be used?

Digital signage can be used wherever you can hang an LCD monitor to reach potential customers. Digital signage is used for many business and industries including Retail, Education, Leisure, Public Transport, Museums, Entertainment, Gas Stations, Public Spaces, Restaurants and menu systems, Hospitality and more...


Is my information and content secure?

Yes. HD2Net is powered by 128 bit SSL encryption. Multiple levels of authentication are used for user-level access. All media is powered by RSA Authentication, and is accessible using public/private keys that provide the highest level of access restrictions for your private data. 


Advantage over Static signs (Outdoor, POP, etc.)?

Digital Signage can deliver many more ad spots while occupying the same space. Full-motion Digital Signage ads have more impact on viewers as they use color, light and animation technology to create eye-catching imagery.

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