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Event Reader Boards

The HD2 Eventboard provides your guests with up-to-date event and meeting room information. A standard display includes the start/end time, room, floor, and description/company. With our Eventboards, you can customize multiple zones, making it easy to provide additional content such as news, weather, and way-finding and marketing information. 

We offer a series of attractive templates and provide initial set-up and customization to match your specifications. The HD2 Eventboard software includes a web-based portal that allows your staff to login and remotely manage events and meeting room information. Multiple administrators can be assigned if need be, and information can be administered in real-time from any PC with Internet access. HD2 Eventboard is compatible with multiple interface options such as MSFT Outlook/Exchange, Micros, Newmarket Delphi and more.


The HD2 Eventboard will reduce paper costs, create a stronger visual connection with your audience, and leave your guests and staff with a lasting impression.


Benefits include:


• Accommodate guests with up-to-date information
• Incorporate directional information
• Highlight and promote your services
• Integrate with meeting room signs
• Interface with existing system

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