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Front Desk Displays

The Front Desk Display is an all-in-one digital signage display with wireless networking capabilities. The technology device is plug-n-play with Remote Management Software that allows you to administer content and send updates to multiple locations from one central location. 

Our Front Desk Display engages the audience without clutter, and creates a pristine appealing environment. The digital displays deliver quality video/image content in a compact frame. Our sleek unit integrates the media player, high brightness display, expandable local storage and a wireless network for easy placement. The power adapter is the only physical connection to the player, which makes it easy to achieve a clean and professional presentation in tight spaces.


Our Front Desk Displays are ideal for hospitality, banks, retail, and reception desks as they allow you to greet customers and promote your brand effectively and efficiently.

Benefits include:

• Low cost, low power
• Manage content remotely
• Message to a network of screens
• News and/or weather feeds
• Hardware/software bundle
• Built-in Wi-Fi
• Go paperless - Be GREEN!

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