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Elevator Digital Signage

With either Interactive Technology or Dynamic Digital Displays, properties are making significant investments in facility upgrades and high-tech improvements to attract their targeted tenant audiences. Property managers are beginning to recognize the time savings that can be achieved by offering digital building directories, and understand the value of providing modern day amenities to modern day tenants.


Digital Building Directories are extremely beneficial to property managers who see frequent change with regard to tenant activity (e.g. tenants moving in, changing offices, etc.). Directory information can be updated quickly, which eliminates confusion and saves time for visitors who may not be aware of changes. Our building directory software can be programmed to display evacuation routes at a moment’s notice should an emergency arise.


Digital Building Directories are typically designed for use in office buildings, but are becoming increasingly popular in hotels and multi-unit dwellings, where property owners are investing in high-tech facility upgrades to attract and retain tenants. In addition to the standard tenant listing, you have the option to incorporate way finding, showcase amenities, cafeteria menus, events, maps, and much more. Properties have the option to advertise available office space and provide management/leasing contact information.

Benefits include:

• Ability to search by company and/or individuals
• Search multiple buildings
• Custom design
• Building events/announcements
• Optional news & weather feeds
• Showcase available office space
• Manage data from any computer
• Retrofit into your existing marquee

**Requirements for the digital directory solution are Internet and power.

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