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Why Your Digital Signage Isn't Making You Money

One of the easiest and most profitable ways to upgrade your business space is to invest in digital signage. The sleek look, modern feel and technological advancement a digital sign can bring to your space is definitely worth the investment, especially since digital signage can pay for itself in a matter of weeks if used to its full potential. Naturally, some business owners get caught up in the hype of owning these attractive displays before they've really mastered the simple art of making their digital signage work for them. If this sounds like you, worry not! Making money with your digital signage is just a matter of taking advantage of the many opportunities it presents you with. Ask yourself if you're benefiting from the following:

1. Advertising Space. You can never be too informative. Use your display as a platform to announce all the fantastic products and services your business offers. Even if you're using the display for other purposes, you can have ads on rotation so your customers catch at least a glimpse of the amazing deals you have to offer. The more you advertise your services, the more cross-selling you can do. Selling advertising space to neighboring businesses or companies that sell products and services that compliment your own is another excellent way to guarantee additional revenue.

2. Day-Parting. Are you using this feature? This wonderful, super convenient, time-saving feature? Dayparting is like having an extra employee that handles the scheduling of your digital signage content. Taking advantage of this feature means you and your employees will spend less time updating signage and more time focusing on productivity.

3. Going Green. An easy way to improve finances is to stop spending. Pamphlets, brochures, and menus are all money down the drain. Printing costs never stop when you're constantly updating paper because of new promotions or menu changes. Get rid of unnecessary printing expenses and take advantage of that bright, shiny display!

4. Social Media. Are you using it? Interacting with your customers is a great way to build loyalty and make money. Use interactive displays to allow customers to check out what you have to offer online. Let them click through your Facebook and Instagram pages and participate in giveaways, promotions and contests. Don't worry about pressuring customers into participating; let your digital signage draw them in. If you aren't taking advantage of social media campaigning you might be a step behind your competitors, and missing out on different revenue streams.

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