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Virtual Concierge

The HD2 Virtual Concierge (HD2-Concierge) is a custom touch screen application used as a self-service resource for visitors to access important travel related information. These large LCD displays are becoming increasingly popular in hotels; often used to greet visitors and announce events, marketing content and even flight information. Used as Digital Signage, Digital Menus, Digital Directory and Video Wall.


In the most recent wave of activity, hotels are rapidly investing in the deployment of interactive touch screens to create the ultimate traveler experience. With the emergence of touch screen platforms such as smart phones and tablets, more and more visitors are becoming familiar with the use of interactive applications. HD2-Concierge was developed to give end-users a similar experience to selecting apps on their smart phones. HD2-Concierge services are specifically geared for hotel environments.


Benefits and services include:

• 24/7 information available to guests
• Robust content & services
• Easy-to-use platform
• Customized backgrounds and layouts
• Scalable to add or remove apps
• Incorporate social media
• Complement your existing concierge
• Internal marketing; restaurants; shopping; attractions
• Transportation/flight information
• Post your QR code (quick response code)
• Multiple hardware options available
• Event integration
• E-Postcards
• Weather, news and sports feeds
• Event data integration
• Custom maps and way-finding of property
• Landscape or portrait designs

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