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HD2's Home Run With SUBROC Deli

We got a chance to catch up with our good friend and client, Marc Graubart, the other day, and besides getting the scoop on what exciting things are happening for him, we had to ask how things were going with his digital menu boards at Sub Roc. His answer? Fantastic, of course!

Sub Roc, a unique deli concept, first became part of the HD2 family a couple years ago, and we're so happy that they've continued to work with us as they've expanded. Luckily, we've always been able to provide the best solutions for them:

"I searched long and hard to find someone just like Hussain and his company," Marc said. "When I finally found him I was ecstatic because he was able to give me exactly what i needed; give me the delivery for a fair price and uncomplicated my life."

Making life easier for business owners is what we're all about. Our software is easy to use, and the benefits far exceed the investment cost.

"By being able to change the menu on the fly, by being able to add photos when you need to, by being able to add new menus when you need to, or new items when you need to it obviously has an impact on your sales in a positive manner."

That's what we like to hear! Check out our Case Study on Sub Roc here.

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