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5 Signs You Need Digital Signage

1. Your visitors are always out of the loop.

"Is this part of the lunch menu only, or can I order it for dinner?"

"Do you have any specials going on?"

"Can you help me find the conference room?"

"There's a sale today, right?"

"Where can I check in?"

"Where are the menus?"

"Are there any promotions going on right now?"

"What are your holiday hours?"

Do these questions sound familiar? These are just some of many that might be asked when customers or visitors aren't in the know. Whether you own a restaurant, bank, car dealership, small shop or large business, you should definitely think about implementing digital signage in order to keep business flowing. And don't worry about your customers' experience - digital signage isn't meant to take away from the experience of good customer service, it's meant to enhance that experience. Keep your audience informed; get their questions answered before they even realize they have any! This will leave your staff free to deal with more complex customer service tasks and issues.

2. Your business space is visibly dull.

Are your customers surrounded by plain walls? Dusty framed paintings? A couple posters? Whether they realize it or not, your customers begin judging your space even before they walk in. Is the exterior of your building clean? Old or new? Who are your neighbors? What kind of entry doors do you have? Your customers are taking everything in and deciding whether or not they would return before they've stepped inside. This judgment continues upon entry, so be sure you've created an exciting, engaging environment to compliment your awesome products and services. Digital signage will do this for you. Whether it be one bright, colorful display or an impressive video wall, digital signage has proven to be an incredibly effective way to impress consumers and establish yourself as an unforgettable brand.

3. You're wasting money on paper.

Digital signage is going to save you money. Not only is the ROI great, it's also guaranteed since you won't be spending anymore moolah on paper advertising and menu reprints. Digital signage software is ridiculously easy to use, and you'll quickly see how obsolete your menus, pamphlets, brochures and static signage really is. Even static wayfinding signage needs revamping every couple years, but you'll avoid the hassle if you've got digital signage in place.

4. Your competition and surroundings look better than you.

And we don't want that now, do we? It's need to elaborate here!

5. You're looking for ways to boost sales.

Digital signage is the perfect salesperson: knowledgeable, informative, always on time and never calls in sick! It works for you! Some ways you can increase revenue with digital signage include:

  • Cross-selling and up-selling with video ads

  • Selling digital real estate to neighboring or related businesses

  • Engage customers/visitors in social media communications and offer coupons, discounts and giveaways to encourage returning customers

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