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Guest Room Channels

FlyteChannel & EventChannel

HD2 FlyteChannel is an amenity added to your TV lineup that allows guests to view real-time flight information from the convenience of their room. The format used is identical to the one used at the airports, and includes the following:


  • Automatic flight roll-on/roll-off

  • Highlighted delayed/canceled flights

  • Airline logos

  • Gate information

  • Cities and flight numbers

  • Real-time arrival and departure times

With HD2 Event Channel, your guests can view the latest event information regarding events on your property. HD2 FlyteChannel and HD2 EventChannel are compatible with all major in-room TV technologies and IPTV solutions.

Benefits Include:

• Quality controlled content
• Convenience for guests
• Current and reliable information
• Compatible with Digital & IPTV

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