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Mobile Marketing = MobileNet®

Mobile Marketing for Local Businesses…

Our platform was developed for the small and medium business market. MobileNet® empowers the small and medium business community by bringing the power and sales-driving capabilities of mobile marketing to you cost-effectively and reliably – services usually reserved for only large organizations with big marketing budgets.  Get started today!

Now you can send the promotions and consumer communications programs you want, when you need them.  MobileNet® platform is an “on demand” tool – use it according to your business needs, not according to media schedules or printing slots.  And it’s designed to work on ANY cell phone.

MobileNet® puts you in charge of your customer relationships.  You can manage your store loyalty programs, increase sales driving promotions, reward frequent customers.


Mobile Marketing That WORKS!

For small & medium businesses: retailers, restaurants, associations and more.  You can create your own mobile marketing campaigns with MobileNet’s self-service mobile platform.

Develop your own consumer lists, develop and launch targeted promotions, coupons, sales alerts and customer surveys & research!  Our self-service platform is easy to use and you can launch your mobile program in minutes.

Use our self-service platform to develop and launch your mobile campaigns.  Recruit your customers to opt-in and begin delivering sales-driving promotions and store loyalty programs.  You can stay in touch with your customers and drive increased traffic and sales by using MobileNet.

1. Open Your MobileNet® Account & Create Offers & Promotions

Log into our easy-to-use dashboard and
program launching platform and
you’re ready to go. 

2. Recruit Consumers to Sign Up

Use in-store signage or install MobileNet recruitment widget on your website.

3. Send Your Customers Alerts Promotions, Surveys and More

You can launch your programs
immediately, or schedule them
in advance.

4. See Your Results Immediately 

MobileNet platform operates in
“real time” – see your results
as they happen –
refine your programs “on the fly.”

MobileNet Image

Easy to start. Easy to Manage…

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