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Hot Toppings Pizza Upgrades with HD2Menus

Hot Toppings Pizza is a unique build-your-own style pizzeria with a knack for concocting scrumptious Italian pies and salads. With an ever-growing and changing menu and a space that needed a little revamping, Hot Toppings decided a new investment was in order.

In came!

Hot Toppings Pizza now has a set of state-of-the-art displays with custom-made software capable of remote updates, day-parting, and more. Owner, Dave Petty, was looking for something that was not only functional, but attractive as well:

"When the customer walks in the door for the first time...most of the time they're looking around," said Petty during his testimonial. "They're going to soak in so much, and the digital display boards stand out. It also allows customers to quickly identify where to start and what options we have.... The digital display boards, in my opinion, are the way to go...for the vibe, for the ability to make modifications on the fly. Absolutely." can transform your basic static menus into digital communication masterpieces, allowing you to supply your customers with the information and images they want to see in order to make informed decisions like what toppings to put on their pizzas! And trust us...that is an important decision to make! Having images of your food and lists of what you offer can increase profits because customers are able to see more options, like more things, and buy more food.

HD2Menus offers a variety of display sizes and thousands of menu design options. They also offer software installation for those who already own displays, a fair option for business owners looking to integrate a better system without spending the money on hardware they already have. Check out for more information on products, blog posts and company news.

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