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Paperless 2013

HD2 Announces Collaboration with Paperless2013 Campaign - SA4i Supports this Community Leadership Action

Houston Dynamic Displays, also known as HD2, is joining Paperless2013 in a pursuit to eliminate the need for paper in the workplace.

Leading digital signage firm Houston Dynamic Displays, also referred to as HD2, is proud to announce its plans to join Paperless2013 in its effort to eliminate the need for paper in the workplace.

Information technology expert and founder of HD2, Hussain Ali, says the commitment to going paperless is a big step forward on the path to fulfilling his goals for the company.

“It's really important that every move we make as a business is one that represents not only our dedication to delivering exceptional products, but also our commitment to the family of eco-friendly organizations and individuals who inspire these green efforts,” says Ali.

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Digital Signage Expo | 2014




This ½-day pre-show event is designed for AV, IT and sign company professionals interested in adding digital signage to their business lines. It will strive to answer the big question: "Is digital signage right for my business?" Along the way, our faculty, which includes a commercial AV integrator and sign company director who made successful leaps into digital signage, will answer such questions as: "What are the different ways for adding digital signage?" "What investment will I need to make in equipment and personnel?" "What training will be required?" "What partnerships are possible to fill in any gaps in my expertise?" "How do I finance entering this new market?" "Who will my customers be?" "How will I market to them?" "What can I expect as a realistic return on investment for my entry into digital signage?"

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​Feb 20th, 2014

Texas Ministry Conference ​ | 2014

Engaging Church Members via Immersive Digital Signage


This workshop will assist you in planning an effective indoor digital signage network. Attend this workshop and find out how digital signage can improve the quality of experience in your church and create a stronger identity in your community, have better interaction with your parishioners, and save on costs and help reduce the environmental impact of your church. You will learn how to distribute timely, relevant content to specific groups and know the right questions to ask before you start planning.

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​November 2013

Greator Houston Partnership ​ | 2013

GHP Ambassador

In Nov 2013,  Hussain Ali, Principal of Houston Dynamic Display was selected as an Ambassador of Greater Houston Partnership a dynamic group who rally members to take advantage of GHP benfits and resources.

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​November 2013

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