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Why You Should Be 'Techorating' with Digital Signage

Techorating is nothing new. People have been using attractive television displays, music players and entire entertainment centers as a way to not only entertain and delight but also decorate homes. What is new is the fact that a) 'techorating' has become a legitimate term used to describe the fusion of technology and decorating, and b) it is a decorating practice no longer restricted to home use, but rather used as an ornamental marketing and advertising tool that is deliberately designed to embellish professional establishments while attracting consumers.

Techorating has already taken over retail and food establishments. What shopping Galleria have you walked through lately that doesn't have some sort of impressive digital displays up in the food court or main walkways? This is the reality of the Digital Age. It's in our nature to gravitate towards movement and color and, as a result, the use of decorative digital displays doesn’t remind consumers of a car salesman trying his last-ditch attempt to make a sale the way static signage does. Techorating is sales cleverly disguised as entertainment and aesthetics.

Another great thing about techorating is the fact that it is ever-changing. Imagine having a beautiful Monet hanging in your establishment. It's gorgeous, yes, but would wouldn't it be absolutely fantastic if you could switch it back and forth with your favorite Van Gogh every hour? Why choose between the two when you can enjoy them both? This is the luxury techorating provides you with; have multiple images on rotation for your convenience and for consumers' viewing pleasure while adding to the look of your space. Take a home decor store, for instance. Visualize an appealing digital photo or video of a smiling family relaxing on outdoor patio furniture on a sunny day. This image then transitions into that of a cozy indoor setup; a couple snuggling together on a stylish, comfy sofa in front of a crackling fire. You then have your image change to something like a family enjoying breakfast in a bright, welcoming kitchen. These images and/or videos draw attention wonderfully; they move, they feature beautiful settings both in and out of the home, and they appeal to emotions as well, all while providing that nice, decorative touch.

By techorating, you can reasonably draw in consumers, boost sales and created a beautiful atmosphere where technology and decorating unite.


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