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It's Finally Here: The Efficiency Tool Every Hospital Needs!

We’re proud to be implementing a new technology made to increase efficiency in medical facilities all around the world. We welcome a rule-based solution made to keep management and staff on the same page. The system is made accessible through digital displays installed in or outside patient rooms. Sensors worn by nurses will note entries and exits, identify shift nurses, and keep track of changes in patient health, among other things.

Benefits include:

  • Increase in HCAHPS scores

  • Improvement in communication between head nurse and staff

  • Real-time information gathering for reporting and analysis

  • Elimination of confusion and ambiguity among nurses, staff, patients and visitors

This technology is something that should – and hopefully will – be in every working medical facility in the near future.

Learn more about it in our full article on page 12 of Healthline Magazine here.

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