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Digital Signage in Healthcare

One of the fastest growing trends in today's healthcare industry is digital signage.

An increasing number of medical facilities are having digital signage and kiosks incorporated into their architectural plans, essentially making them a staple in patient care and communication.

Keeping patients, visitors and staff educated and engaged is the purpose and benefit of digital signage. In addition to the built-in audiences in patient rooms, hospital offices and waiting rooms, the constant flow of foot traffic streaming in and out of common areas like cafeterias and lobbies guarantees steady viewership. Every moment people spend in the hospital is an opportunity to inform and market. Digital signage can be used for everything from way-finding and emergency announcements to advertising, health news and everything in between.

Way-finding challenges are being met with digital signage solutions tailored to tackled existing issues. Patients and visitors who feel weak, stressed or rushed will no longer have to deal with the confusion and wasted time associated with the difficulty of reaching their destination.

In addition to way-finding and communication, digital displays and touch-screen kiosks can be used to facilitate and expedite patient and staff interaction by serving as check-in stations. These kiosks allow patients to inform staff of their arrival and establish a place in line among other patients without interrupting staff workflow. Besides checking in, patients can also schedule appointments and fill out paperwork or surveys from digital touchscreen kiosks, improving the patient experience and saving time for the staff.

Another benefit is the ability to communicate hospital news or emergency broadcasts to patients, visitors and staff. These announcements can be remotely changed in real-time or programmed to adhere to a scheduled rotation.

The software solutions that come with displays are web-based, making digital signage the most user-friendly and flexible platform for information dissemination available.

**Check out this article and many others in Healthline Magazine.

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