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How Your Digital Signage Can Save (and Make) You Money

Welcome to Part 3 of our Blog Series!

Digital Signage is a business investment that has the potential to cut costs and produce thousands of dollars in revenue every month. With so many available functions and uses, there are several money-saving and money-making strategies you can implement.

Stop Printing. When the digital signage goes up, printing costs should cease. Some business owners invest in digital signage for the sole purpose of saving money on printing costs, without even thinking about other benefits. On the other end of the spectrum we see owners who invest in digital menu boards for aesthetic purposes without taking print cost into consideration. These businesses are not benefiting from the full money-saving potential of digital signage. Put the red light on paper menus, pamphlets, flyers and other static announcements once your digital signage is installed. This will cut unnecessary costs and allow you to make better investments that will contribute to the growth of your company. You'll no longer need to worry about spending money updating paper information when changes can be made immediately with the click of a button.

User Training. One of the greatest benefits of digital signage is its ability to broadcast scheduled information. A restaurant, for instance, can take advantage of day-parting capabilities (i.e. creating menus that will automatically change to reflect alterations in the menu as food options go from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner). Hospital cafeteria menus can change, messages to employees, doctors and nurses can be updated ahead of time, and special announcements for visitors can be programmed to change as the day progresses. Furthermore, digital way-finding allows hospital employees to focus on work – the money maker - rather than escorting lost patients and visitors to their destinations.

Although I mention restaurants and hospitals, the same can be said for any industry. This feature is a HUGE timesaver if users are trained to navigate the software correctly. Saving the time you'd be spending manually updating content means having more time be productive in other areas, and that's what digital signage software can give you if you receive proper training. Talk to your representative about this and you should be well taken care of.

Effective Advertising. A digital display is your best advertising platform; it's big, bright and it draws the eye. Here is your chance to advertise WHATEVER YOU WANT on that gorgeous screen. Have a new product in stock? Are you providing a special service discount for the holidays? Will your company have a tent at the upcoming city festival? Eliminate costs associated with traditional advertising and broadcast those advertisements and announcements on that valuable investment you should be taking advantage of – your display!

Sell Digital Real Estate. This is an income strategy that many business owners overlook. Ad sales and cross-promoting can really benefit you and your neighbors. Take a look out of the window. What companies are near you? What companies can relate to your brand? Not only is selling advertising space on your digital displays an excellent way to network and create relationships, but it's an easy and effective way to achieve a quick ROI.

Increasing Efficiency and Employee Productivity. This should happen organically if you're using your displays the right way. We touched on efficiency when we discussed User Training above, but there are other ways to utilize your digital signage. One is by implementing touch-screen digital displays that can supplement or replace staff. Large stores like Costco, Fry's, Staples, etc. that are often occupied by inquiring customers can deploy touch-screen digital signage to serve as live assistants. This will leave employees free to tend to work and more crucial customer service matters. Furthermore, displaying informational videos near related products can answer most, if not all, customer questions.

Thousands of case studies and satisfied digital signage users can't be wrong. Start following these tips and you'll see results, too!

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