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HD2 Inspired by Baltimore Youth Program

When news of the 2015 HCC Newspring Business Plan Competition hit our ears we, of course, jumped at the opportunity to enter. With a new reason to revamp our business plan, we readied our typing fingers and geared up for this exciting competition.

While we were working diligently in Houston, the middle school students participating in Wide Angle Youth Media's Baltimore Speaks Out! program were working hard on their own project, unaware of the effect they would have on the HD2 team all the way from Baltimore, MD.

Wide Angle Youth Media is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing youth in Baltimore with the media education and resources needed to tell their stories through videos that allow their voices to be heard among the community. One video in particular, titled A Letter, caught our attention as it touched on how very crucial it is to understand the importance of safety and security for our nation's youth. With devastating acts of violence being so uncomfortably common, it was a pleasure for us at HD2 to see these young students voice their concerns and express their willingness to participate in a movement that promotes change for the better. After hearing news of the recent chaos in Baltimore, these kids were a breath of freash air.

Back in Houston, HD2 was awarded 3rd place and a generous monetary prize from the Business Plan Competition sponsors. Winning those funds allowed HD2 to grow and excel within the community, putting the company in a position that made it possible to focus on giving rather than receiving. Having been so inspired by Wide Angle's video, HD2 sought an opportunity to give back to human kind in some small way. HD2 Prinicpal, Hussain Ali, reached out to them, writing:

"...I feel that if there was ever a time to make a contribution to a cause it's today. But more importantly, I want to tell the kids in this video that I received their video, I was moved by it, and I'm ready to make my pledge..."

And that monetary pledge was just a small token of the immense appreciation felt for this group of brilliant young individuals. Letting the kids know their video made an impact on the HD2 team was important. As a company in the business of sales, design and marketing, we understand the value of quality content, and wanted to show the Balitmore youth that they are heard, respected and appreciated.

Hussain had the pleasure of flying out to Baltimore after the business plan competition to personally deliver his pledge, speak to the amazing kids of the program, get to know them, and exchange inspiring stories. HD2 is sincerely honored by the opportunity, and we can't wait to see what wonderful things Wide Angle Youth Media comes up with next!

Watch A Letter below:

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