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Event Reader Boards

The HD2 Eventboard provides your guests with up-to-date event and meeting room information. A standard display includes the start/end time, room, floor, and description/company. With our Eventboards, you can customize multiple zones, making it easy to provide additional content such as news, weather, and way-finding and marketing information.


SignWave provides many benefits to scheduling management, such as:


  • Eliminate endless printing of paper signage and placards

  • Connect to popular EMS / PMS programs for hands-free operation

  • Automate room schedule and event data via network

  • Support for large digital reader boards for multi-room views (option)

  • Access event schedules at meeting location or by web browser

  • Manage event data by editing text, change room combines and room swaps

  • Adjust ad-hoc scheduling at conference rooms using local password protected keypad

  • Change logos for event branding or sponsorship

  • Use built-in scheduler for stand-alone operation

  • Default to logo or image when room is empty, automatically

  • Automatic sequence of scheduling timeline

  • Change graphic backgrounds to retain fresh branding

  • Use multiple data templates to optimize data appearance

  • Replace overly expensive digital signage solutions

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